Transient Transfection Services

Rapid preparation of proteins for early-stage studies

Fast delivery of high-quality materials

Leveraging our expression platforms
  • Protein expression system similar to what will be used in the CMC - phase
    • CHO is used as a host cell.

    • The same expression system is used for stable development of cell lines.

  • Fast delivery
    • Milligram level of proteins in 2 weeks

    • Gram level of proteins in 4 weeks

    • 10s grams of proteins in 8 weeks

  • High yield
    • Offering a variety type of proteins including mAbs, BsAbs, fusion proteins, and growth factor

Historical data of different types of protein expression:

The average protein purity is >98.0%  and endotoxin concentration < 0.5 EU/ mL after two or three steps chromatography purification.

The transient process

Our Achievements

By the end of 2021, 40+ transient expression and purification projects were delivered on time.

Zencore Biologics can deliver a protein product from the sequence in 3 weeks to meet your R&D needs.

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