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Management Team

Zencore Biologics has a professional management team with vast experience in drug discovery, development, manufacturing, quality assurance and control, analytical science, and regulatory affairs in China and abroad. The total number of employees now exceeds 730+. Members of Zencore's leadership team have been building successful ventures in China for many years after returning to China from working in multinational companies overseas. They have scored many "Number Ones" in China and built a competent mid-level technical team with average over 10 years of experience in biopharmaceutical industries.

Zencore Employees
(As of February 10,2023)
  • Jianxin Chen
    Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

    27 years' experience in biopharmaceutical industry, focus on fermentation, cell culture processing, and bioreactor design

    Head of national key projects and World Bank loan projects (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

    Developed a high-titer fed-batch cell culture platform with antibody titers up to 15 g/L (President's Award in AstraZeneca)

    Developed a biosimilar cell culture platform for the first biosimilar marketed in China (Henlius)

    Developed a high-yield cell culture platform which resulted in the first innovative anti- PD-1 antibody marketed in China (TopAlliance)

    Founder and co-founder of several biotech and biopharmaceutical companies

    Founded Zencore Biologics in 2017

    MIT, Harvard University and University of Pittsburgh, etc.

    AstraZeneca, Henlius, TopAlliance, etc.

    Chinese Academy of Sciences (M.S.), Northeastern University (M.S.)

    Tsinghua University (B.S.) 

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  • Zhiyong Shen, Ph.D
    Senior Vice President

    20+ years' experience in R&D andteam management in the field of biotechnology and biomedical industry

    Scientist and head of technology management in Medarex, Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, Hologic and ABI/Life Technologies in the United States

    Led the development of a variety of marketed biopharmaceutical products

    Member of the Overseas High-level Talent Introduction Plan of Shanghai

    Medarex, Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, Hologic, ABI / Life Technologies

    New York University (Ph.D)

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  • Weidong Hao, Ph.D, MBA
    Chief Scientific Officer, Senior Vice President of Operation, Head of Global BD and MKT

    20+ years of R&D experience in innovative drugs (small molecule, antibody and fusion protein)

    Participated in the establishment of Hansoh Pharma American R&D Center

    Established a biotherapeutic team for R&D of antibody and ADC  (Hansoh Bio)

    Evaluated and initiated several antibody and ADC projects

    Key contributor to AZD3427, which is currently in Phase I clinical trial (NCT04630067) 

    8 patents

    Pfizer, MedImmune/AstraZeneca, Hansoh Bio, etc.

    the State University of New York at Stony Brook (Ph.D.)

    the University of California, San Diego (MBA)

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  • Wenjun Mo, Ph.D
    Head of CMC, Senior Vice President

    20+ years' experience in recombinant protein/mAb based therapeutics, CAR-T, neurodegenerative disease therapeutics and diagnostics, and most recently in mRNA vaccines

    Dozens of IND, BLA/NDA filings in China and United States

    Adjunct professor of Jilin University

    Editor of Mass Spectrometry

    30 papers and 7 patents

    Biogen, MedImmune/AstraZeneca, Teruisi, Bio-Gene, Gensciences, Abogen

    University of Kent at Canterbury (Ph.D)

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  • Jian Ren
    Head of Quality, Senior Vice President

    25 years of industrial experience in quality organizations

    Successively served as QC supervisor, QC leader, QA leader, quality leader and quality authorized person

    Extensive working experience in biologics projects from pre-clinical development to commercial phase

    Pfizer, GSK, MSD, Roche, BI, Clover, Health Sciences Authority (Singapore)

    Liaoning Normal University (M.S., B.S.)

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  • Heyi Li, Ph.D
    Head of Analytical Science and CRO, Vice President

    20+ years of experience in biomedical analytical science, specializes in analytical development and quality control of antibodies, ADCs, and CAR-T drugs

    Committed to the development and validation of drug analysis methods, successively serving as a researcher, deputy director, chief scientist, vice president, etc. in large companies such as Wyeth / Pfizer / GenScript / Cogengen Biologics, etc.

    Wyeth, Pfizer, GenScript, Cogengen Biologics

    Louisiana State University (Ph.D)

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