Cell Line Development

Zencore CHO cell line development platform can rapidly generate high yield, stable cell lines to meet your pressing timeline and ensure a efficient cell culture process development process.

Platform features
  • Rapid stable cell line generation
    • Zencore's proprietary CLD platform generates stable high yield single clones in 3 months, while traditional CLD process takes 5~6 months

  • High throughput screening platform in conjunction with a tailored approach for BsAbs CLD
    • Replace traditional ELISA with ForteBio Octet has greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy for cell line screening.

    • A high throughput analytical method is implemented to identify cell lines with the high titer and good quality for BsAbs CLD.

  • Compliance documents for BLA
    • Host cell licensure for global R&D and commercialization 

    • Cell line construction process documented compliant with global regulations

    • Supporting global regulatory submission

    • Complete host cell traceability

    • Industrial standard monoclonality guaranteed

    Single cell printer is used for efficient single cell screening, the monoclonal selection rate is up to 90%, a 5 fold improvement over traditional limited dilution method.

    Combined with continuous imaging technology of cell culture 96-well plate, we can monitor the growth and division process of single gram cells and provide complete monoclonal traceability. 

  • Stable high producer cell lines for antibodies and recombinant proteins
    • The median titer of mAb was above 5.0 g/L, and the highest titer achieved at 15.0 g/L

    • The median titer of bispecific antibody was above 5.0 g/L, and the highest titer achieved at 9.0 g/L

    • The average titer of recombinant protein was above 5.0g/L , and the highest titer achieved at 7.0 g/L

  • Flexible host cell choice for cell line development
    • Fully adapted ATCC CHO-K1 cells with global licensure for  R&D and commercial production

    • Introducing ECACC CHO-K1 cells

    • Accepting customer-specified host cell platforms development

Major Equipment
Single cell printer
Single cell printer
Cell metric CLD
Cell metric CLD
ForteBio Octet
ForteBio Octet
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