Zencore Biologics ADC R&D center was established in January 2020, when it began  offerring bioconjugation drug screening and process development services. In order to further support commercial manufacturing demand, the  construction of Zencore ADC manufacturing facility was initiated around the same time.

Zencore ADC R&D center can provide a range of services from proof-of-concept study for early ADC projects to process locking used for late-stage projects. As of September 2022, more than 300 ADC conjugation samples have been delivered to clients, earning the trust and praise from our clients.

Zencore ADC manufacturing facility is committed to providing ADC manufacturing services for bioconjugates to our future and current clients. The phase I construction of the facility will be  completed at August 2023, and it will provide clients with ADC project services that meet the requirements of global IND, BLA registration, as well as commercial manufacturing. The manufacturing facility is designed as two DS manufacturing lines (For clinical and commercial production, respectively), and two DP manufacturing lines with freeze-drying area of 5 square meters (54 sqft) and 20 square meters (215 sqft).


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