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Pursue the Truth, Commit the Utmost, Strive for Excellence
Zencore Biologics

Zencore Biologics is a CDMO provider headquartered in Shanghai, China. Zencore has an R&D facility located in Maryland, United States. Zencore provides one-stop-shop services for biologics from pre-clinical research to commercial manufacturing and customized cell culture medium services for mammalian cell-based protein production. Zencore supports the R&D and production of protein drugs for our domestic and global clients. The services and solutions provided include: 

• Biologics CDMO

• Antibody drug conjugate (ADC) CDMO

• Cell culture medium support: the development & manufacturing

• Analytical development and characterization services

• QC testing & regulatory filings

With two CDMO facilities of 600,000 sq ft in total, Zencore provides a pilot scale production with 4×200L and 1×500L single use bioreactors, and the state-of-the-art commercial GMP manufacturing services with 3×2,000L single use and 3×5,000L stainless steel bioreactors in separate production suites, followed by corresponding purification, formulation, and fill and finish lines.

Key Milestones
Milestone in Financings

Jan. 2022, Series-C financing of $100 million completed.

Led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Sofina, with participation from Novo Holdings, Oiming Venture Partners, IDG Capital, LYFE Capital, GT Capital, and Cowin Capital.

Jan. 2022, 2021 China Venture • VIGOROUS 100 Ranking List. 

Feb. 2021

Series-B financing of $70 million completed.

Led by Qiming Venture Partners and IDG Capital, with participation from CMB International, GP Capital, Cash Capital, and Hangzhou Fulin Investment Partnership.

Dec. 2021

The first batch of R&D. and innovation enterprises in Lin-gang Special Area in 2021.

Milestone in Financings

Jan. 2020, Hansoh Pharma's Excellence in Cooperation Award.

Mar. 2020, Series-A financing of $ 55 million.

This round of financing was led by LYFE Capital, with participation from IDG Capital, Cowin Capital, Korea Investment Partners (KIP), GT Capital and Shanghai Growth-FOF.

Jun. 2020, 2020 "Three Hundreds" Enterprise in Fengxian.

Oct. 2020, Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce Membership Certificate.

Nov. 2020, Pharma BIG Star Rising Star of Chinese Biomedicine CDMO Enterprise in 2020.

Dec. 2020, Bioindustry List of Climbers.

Dec. 2020, 2020 Zero2IPO Venture50 • Top 50 Growing Companies & Top 50 Medical Companies. 

Company News

Apr. 2020, Zhoupu Pudong Zencore Development Center is newly established at International Medical Zone.

Jun. 2020, Lin-gang Life Science Blue Bay launched Zencore ADC service.

Sep. 2020, Lin-gang Life Science Blue Bay (3× 2,000L / 3× 5,000L) Laid foundation for GMP Commercial manufacturing facility in Lin-gang.

Sep. 2020, Lin-gang Life Science Blue Bay (2× 200L / 1× 500L) GMP pilot plant initiating operation 200 ton/year, cGMP medium manufacturing line production started.

Dec. 2019

Certification of "High and New Technology Enterprise".

Jan. 2018

One-Stop-shop CDMO Service launched in Zhangjiang Shanghai.

Nov. 2017

Zencore was founded.

Chairman's Message

21st century is the epoch for biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industry. Rapid advancement in life sciences, technologies, and healthcare has brought numerous previously untreatable diseases under control with significant improvement on patient survival rate and quality of life.  These changes, in turn, have presented many opportunities and challenges for the CROs and CDMOs to support the R&D of biopharmaceutical industries. With the aspiration to contribute to a healthier world, Zencore Biologics was incepted. 

A purposeful enterprise requires a group of professionals with ambition, vision and passion.  Zencore is privileged to work with many experienced entrepreneurs, talented scientists, and skilled engineers who share the common aspirations and values for our course. 

Since its establishment in 2017, Zencore continuously innovates in technologies and bioprocesses and improve operation efficiencies. We have been at the forefront of supporting the growth of biopharmaceutical R&D and have earned a good reputation among our global clients.   

With the strong belief on "Of the people, by the people, for the people", we will unleash huge potentials and creativities.  Adhering to our principles of "Pursue the Truth, Commit the Utmost, Strive for Excellence" and alongside our clients, we will create a better and healthier world.

Jianxin Chen ,CEO of Zencore Biologics Co., Ltd.

  • US Innovation Center

    Business Capability:

    Discovery Services, Global BD/ Marketing



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  • Pudong Development Center

    Business Capability:

    Cell Line Development, Upstream Process Development, Downstream Process Development, Formulation Development, Analytical services, Regulatory Affairs, and Corporate Headquarters 

    Production Scale:




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  • Lin-gang Pilot Manufacturing Facility

    Business Capability:

    Pilot production for Pre-clinical, Phase I & II clinical trials, QC for Pilot Production

    Production Scale:

    GMP : 1×500L, 2×200L




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  • Lin-gang Commercial Manufacturing Facility

    Business Capability:

    Phase III & Commercial Production

    Production Scale:

    DS manufacturing: 3 x 2,000L (single use), 3 x 5,000L (stainless steel), Downstream and fill/finish



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  • ADC R&D Center

    Business Capability:

    ADC design, Materials production & leads screening, ADC process development, ADC analytical services

    Production Scale:

    1.5 ~ 400mL centrifuge tube,

    0.5~20L glass reactor,



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  • ADC Manufacturing Facility

    Business Capability:

    Pilot production for Pre-clinical、Phase I & II clinical trials,

    Phase III & commercial production,

    Production Scale:

    ADC pilot & commercial production:

    2 × 50L LDPE reactor,

    2 × 200L LDPE reactor,

    1~100L glass reactor,


    1 x 5 ㎡ lyophilizer,

    1 x 20 ㎡ lyophilizer,



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Since its establishment in 2017, Zencore Biologics has become the industry leader in large-scale mammalian cell culture technology. Our team has achieved the record high expression level in the fed-batch culture process for antibody production, which currently stands at 15 g/L. 

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Certifications and Awards
Zencore Information Security Management System Certificate
Zencore Information Security Management System Certificate
2022 High-tech Enterprise
2022 High-tech Enterprise
Shanghai Service - Oriented Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise
Shanghai Service - Oriented Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise
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